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What are the Advantages of Using a Mortgage Broker?

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You might think, with the Internet at your fingertips, that you don’t need a mortgage broker. But with the sheer amount of products available, and some deals that you won’t find offered publicly, going to a broker is the best way to get the right mortgage for you, and save money too.

The Ability to Make a Quick, Well-Informed Decision

Today, everything is online. By doing a quick search, you can find several companies, web pages, blogs, advice sheets and handy tables that will tell you pretty much all you might need to know about any subject.

After all, we all deal with our bills, our bank and our car insurance direct and online, so what’s the problem? The truth is, there is no problem. The only issue is in our ability to deal with all the multiples of solutions that can mean we often can’t see the wood for the trees.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should talk to a mortgage broker about your home loan:

1. They’re Impartial

An unlimited mortgage broker is not acting on behalf of any of the providers, big or small. They don’t have any ties to a particular company, nor vested interests or incentives to steer you towards a particular product. Similarly, when they speak to you, they are not reeling out a sales pitch or quoting from a brochure.

This means they have freedom of choice, and give you an honest opinion, based on what they know about you and your circumstances, of which mortgage offer is going to work best for you. They are able to take a rounded view, and because of this you will soon find out that the only interests they are acting in are yours.

2. They’re Knowledgeable

Unlimited mortgage brokers deal with everything to do with mortgage and secured loan applications every day. They are specialists. They live and breathe their business and know it inside out. They know when new products come on the market, when criteria changes, and when certain providers are offering new incentives.

It’s their field of expertise, and this makes them ideally positioned to help you. You just need to ask, and the first phone call and consultation will not cost you anything.

As well as being knowledgeable about mortgages, they also know about the important associated items that the providers might not mention or want to handle. Things such as your Insurance requirements, terms and conditions, eligibility, and more…

Because of their experience and awareness of the market, an unlimited mortgage adviser has the ability to cut through the forest of offers to find exactly the right product for your circumstances. It’s much wiser to work with them than avoid them.

3. They Have Unlimited Access to the Market

As unlimited mortgage advisers, not working for one particular provider, lender or agency, a mortgage broker has access to the whole intermediary market, not just the range of products offered by the company they work at. This means they can search through numerous options available to find the one that will best suit your needs.

Also, due to their relationships and knowledge of the field, they will often have access to deals or products that are not commonly advertised, and you won’t find online. There is no worry that you will be missing out on the best fit for your circumstances, or be limited in your choice.

Again, the key thing to remember here is that the unlimited mortgage broker is not working for the provider, they are working for you.

4. They Save You Hours, If Not Days

Trawling through provider’s sites and comparison sites to find exactly what you think you need can take a great deal of time. And then assessing what you have found, weighing up the pros and cons of each potential product (the interest rate, the fees, the incentives, the APR, the terms, the duration, and more), and then working out what they will all mean for you and your finances in the long run, is a big task.

Taking stock of all the options, and knowing your eligibility and what will work best for you, is the key role of a mortgage adviser, and they will do it while you get on with your life. The time you need to invest will be contained within the consultation meetings, where they will explain to you exactly why they recommend particular options over others.

5. They Know the Right People

If you don’t have a solicitor in place, then a mortgage adviser will be able to recommend one you can trust. And if you are applying for a mortgage where you have more hoops to jump through, like a Bad Credit Mortgage or a Right To Buy scheme for example, one that specialises situations like yours too.

An unlimited mortgage adviser can also get involved with the other aspects of secured loans and home-buying to help take the load off your shoulders. At The Mortgage Centres, we often help clients by liaising with their estate agent, solicitors and surveyors when applicable, giving you a one-stop solution to applying for a mortgage.

It’s Still Your Call

In the end, the final decision regarding which mortgage you apply for is still in your hands. An unlimited mortgage broker will listen to your needs, go over your budgets and finances, and research the 1000’s of products on the market to find those that best suit your situation. They will then present their recommendation that they feel will work best for you, and explain their reasons why. However we appreciate it is ultimately your decision and understand you are totally free to choose how you wish to proceed – it’s still up to you.

But what you will know is this: you will have been given better-informed, well-researched advice than you may not have received otherwise.

Want to Look at Your Mortgage Options?

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