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Buy To Let Mortgages

Getting the right buy-to-let mortgage will ensure that you get the most appropriate deal for you and your investment.

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Building Funds for Your Future

Buy-to-let can be a great way to boost your finances and secure a comfortable retirement. With an increasing number of people investing in property, there are many buy-to-let mortgage deals available from a range of different lenders.

If you are an experienced landlord or about to embark on your first buy-to-let property venture, it’s essential you seek the best possible buy-to-let mortgage advice. We will unravel the complexities surrounding Buy-to-let mortgages to help you get the most from your investment.

A Different Type of Mortgage

When purchasing a property that you plan to rent out, you will need to arrange a buy-to-let mortgage. This is a loan, secured against the property, which is specifically designed for investors who intend to let the property out.

An increasing number of mortgage providers are offering Buy-to-let loans and lending criteria is varied throughout the market.

Buy-to-let is an investment and we will provide valuable advice on securing the most cost effective mortgage to suit your needs.

We’ve Got You Covered

Buy-to-let mortgages are available from most of the high street banks and building societies, as well as across a number of specialist lenders. It’s a good idea, particularly if this is your first buy-to-let property investment, to talk to a broker, as they will be able to discuss your specific requirements with you and help you find the best deal.

With many lenders assessing buy-to-let mortgages based on the earning potential of the property, our years of mortgage advice experience and insider knowledge can prove invaluable. We have designed our service to make it easier to find the right mortgage for your specific requirements, whether a fixed or variable rate option. We have access to exclusive rates which are not available in the high street.

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Buying an Investment Property

To qualify for a buy-to-let mortgage, you will need to meet certain criteria. You will be required to place a deposit that is larger than required for a conventional mortgage – usually around 25% of the property’s value.

In addition to this, the rental income you can achieve from the property must be greater than your mortgage and interest repayments to ensure that you will be able to make your repayments, especially if the property is left empty for a period of time. Your lender will also want to establish that the property you have chosen is a sound long-term investment.

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Get in touch with your local branch and speak to one of our experienced advisers. They will be more than happy to go over all of the above and more. Buy-to-let doesn’t have to be complicated. Let us do the hard work for you.

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Helpful Quick Guides

What are the lending conditions?

While conventional mortgage lenders will want to check the affordability of the repayments, a buy-to-let mortgage can come with a number of other conditions:

Minimum valuation – Some lenders will only be willing to agree a mortgage on properties valued above a certain level. Some stipulate valuations of £100,000 plus, while others will be happy with £40,000 or £50,000.

Property type – Some lenders are wary of properties that have an unusual construction. Properties like log cabins, period buildings or converted windmills could cause problems with mainstream lenders, but shop around because there will be a lender out there that is willing to offer you a mortgage.

Property portfolios – Buy-to-let lenders can restrict the number of properties you can have on one buy-to-let mortgage, while others might not like if you have multiple properties in the same area. Some lenders can also place a limit on the number of mortgages they are willing to agree with a single investor. However, there is a solution out there, it’s all about knowing where to look.

Age – If you’re looking to invest in a buy-to-let property to provide you with an income in retirement, by aware that some lenders will limit the mortgage term by age, so bear that in mind when searching for the right deal.

Can I afford a buy-to-let mortgage?

The affordability of a buy-to-let mortgage is not simply a case of balancing the rental income against the mortgage repayments. There are also a number of other costs of owning a buy-to-let property, and although almost all of these expenses are tax deductible, they are still costs you will have to pay in the first instance.

When considering the affordability of a buy-to-let mortgage, think about:

  • Letting agent fees
  • Maintenance costs
  • Annual safety checks
  • Buildings and landlord insurance
  • Ground rents and service charges
  • Repair work
  • Property improvements
  • And many more…

Although the lender may not take these additional costs into account, it’s essential you do.

Interest-only or repayment mortgage?

The decision about your buy-to-let mortgage repayment strategy should be aligned to your particular investment goals. If you’re looking to supplement a pension or perhaps build a small portfolio of properties, the repayment route will ensure that at the end of the mortgage’s term, the loan has been repaid so you’re not left with any nasty bills.

Interest-only mortgages are usually more popular amongst professional landlords with multiple properties. This allows them to continually expand their portfolio thanks to the greater level of cashflow the smaller repayments allow them to have. At the end of the mortgage’s term, the property can be sold to repay the initial sum.

How to find the right plan for you...

Different mortgage lenders have different terms, and we’re constantly working with the market to know what could be the most favourable deal in your particular circumstances. Your plan might work best with a fixed interest rate, or maybe a variable tracker. And of course we have to balance introductory rates and the arrangement fees. In the end, we will find the right fit.

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