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10 Little Tips That Will Save You Money at Home

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At The Mortgage Centre, our mortgage advisers in Bury St Edmunds are always on the lookout for ways to help our clients save a few more pennies. Whether that involves finding them the very best mortgage to fit their lifestyle, or working to make their mortgage more affordable – we’re passionate about making your money (and your mortgage) work for you.

But we know that the little things are just as important as the big picture when it comes to saving money. So this week, we’ve put together 10 clever little tips which could make a big difference to your budget in the long term. It’s time to get frugal!


1. Freeze (1)

Freezing food is a fantastic way to save money. It stops good food going off and going to waste, and it means you can buy in bulk (and make great savings!) and freeze the extras for later. If you’re into growing your own vegetables, it’s also a great way to make sure nothing gets thrown away when you have a glut. So get freezing.

2. That’s a wrap

2. Gift wrap

Forget about wrapping paper. It’s an expense you simply don’t need. Use old scarves, recycled wrapping, newspaper and a spare hair ribbon – in fact anything creative, crafty and free you can get your hands on – to make no-cost gift wrap which has more of a personal touch than anything shop bought ever could.

3. Penny pinch presents

You can even save on the presents you have to wrap up. Don’t head out and buy pricey smellies, chocolates and candles when you can make your own gifts, or even re-purpose old gifts which you’ve never used! Your recipient will never know and – if you’re making something yourself – your gift will be even more touching.

4. Air dry

4. Dry inside
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Say ta-ta to tumble dryers. These machines are a great big waste of energy and money. Instead, dry outside on the line whenever possible and rig up a washing line inside when the weather takes a turn. You’ll save a packet in the long run!

5. Snuggle up

Another energy saver for the colder months. Instead of ramping up the thermostat, make a conscious decision to snuggle up instead. Big jumpers, blankets, cosying up on the sofa and money-saving – what’s not to love?

6. Buy dried


Wherever possible, buy dried food instead of tinned – like chickpeas and lentils. You may need to take some extra time to re hydrate them, but you’ll get at least double the quantity for at least half the price.

7. Do housework at night

Avoid peak-time energy bills by putting on your appliances overnight. From the washing machine to the dishwasher, running your appliances in the wee small hours could shave a few pounds and pence off your energy bill over the course of a few months.

8. Don’t buy dressing


Don’t buy expensive pre-made salad dressings, instead shake up your own. A few tablespoons of white wine vinegar, a clove of garlic, a dollop of mustard and some vegetable oil + seasoning (all kitchen cupboard ingredients) will set you back mere pennies each time you make a new batch of tasty, fresh French dressing. Ta dah!

9. Buy own brand not BOGOF

Don’t get sucked into buy one get one free deals unless you were planning to buy the item anyway. Buy 3 for the price of 2 deals are even worse. Steer clear and head for low-cost (but just as good) own brand products instead.

10. Flavour your own water

Juices, squashes and fizzy drinks can be really expensive and add up alarmingly over time. Instead, get a taste for water. You can even flavor it yourself with a few slices of cucumber, lemon, orange or other fruits if you get bored!

Do you have any clever frugal household tips to share with our readers? Let The Mortgage Centre know how you pinch your pennies in the comments section below t


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