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Getting A Mortgage with BM Solutions

BM Solutions Mortgages - TMC are approved BM Solutions brokers

A section of the Lloyds Banking Group that specialises in buy-to-let loans is called BM Solutions (formerly Birmingham Midshires). They specialise in buy-to-let mortgages, but they’ve also provided residential mortgages in the past.

As an intermediary-only lender, the company’s applications can only be submitted through a licensed intermediaries broker.

How do you find a BM Solutions broker?

BM solutions is one of the leading Buy-to-Let mortgage lenders in the United Kingdom. Therefore, if you have a buy-to-let mortgage or portfolio, it is probable that you are aware of them or are one of their many existing customers.

Due to the fact that they are an intermediary-only lender, if you need to organise a new mortgage, adjust your interest rate, or borrow additional cash, you will likely need to work with an authorised broker. As they are a leading lender for buy-to-let mortgages, lots of brokers are approved to use them, including us.

Can I go direct to BM Solutions?

As an intermediary-only mortgage lender, they don’t accept applications from the general public. In contrast to many other lenders, they believe that mortgage intermediaries and specialists serve the buy-to-let market most effectively. The good news is that the mortgages they provide may stay competitive even if they are solely distributed by this means.

What are their mortgage rates?

As with any other lender, BM Solutions will modify their rates based on market and business conditions. As a lender that works exclusively with intermediaries, they endeavour to maintain a competitive product offering. An authorised BM broker will have access to all of their current rates. They may even have access to unique bargains that are unavailable elsewhere.

Do they deal with let-to-buy?

Yes, as a professional provider of buy-to-let mortgages, they understand why a let-to-buy may be suitable and how this may benefit the consumer. To ensure the consistency and security of the mortgage payment, these loans are typically offered at a fixed interest rate. Nevertheless, an authorised BM broker will be able to provide you with the best advice for your specific case.

BM Solutions criteria

As with any lender, they apply a broad range of criteria to their mortgages. Much of this information is available on their website, which is geared towards BM Solutions mortgage advisors and experts but is accessible to the public.

As you may see, the degree of criteria is extremely extensive. While certain information is available on their website, we recommend contacting an authorised broker to ensure that your understanding is accurate. However, as previously indicated, if you intend to apply, you will be required to do it through a broker. So, why not establish a relationship from the start?

The Mortgage Centres and BM Solutions

We, The Mortgage Centres, and our associates, are approved BM Solutions brokers. Any BM Solutions borrowing requirements you have can be taken care of by us. Typical uses may be:

New applications: For any of your Buy-to-Let or Let-to-Buy mortgage  requirements, we can help with new mortgage or remortgage applications.

Product transfers: As an existing customer, The Mortgage Centres is able to recommend the most suitable rate switch options to you and make any necessary arrangements on your behalf.

A Further Advance: If you are interested in raising more funds on your current BM Solutions mortgage, we can investigate this on your behalf and file any necessary paperwork.

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