Secured Loans

Have you thought about applying for a secured loan but not sure how it could work for you? Here at The Mortgage Centres, we can assist you with your application, whether it’s your first time, you’re a business owner or even if you are a landlord considering a buy-to-let financial plan. Our five branches are ideally located for customers from across Suffolk, so if you are looking for local secured loan and lending advice in the area, look no further than The Mortgage Centres.

Home Owners

Making the decision to purchase an additional property can be a difficult a difficult one, and to then have to choose the right financial plan, can add more pressure. however, speaking to expert advisers will make the process a lot easier and clearer. The Mortgage Centre’s work directly with trusted lenders to ensure that you can compare the widest selection of loans available. By working only with our reputable brokers and direct loan providers we aim to protect you from the pitfalls of borrowing from the wrong type of provider.

Buy To Let

For many people, a buy-to-let secured loan is often a more appropriate solution than a buy-to-let remortgage, further advance or an unsecured loan, particularly for individuals planning to release equity to fund a deposit for a buy-to-let purchase. Landlords who are considering to finance an additional property through buy-to-let can take out a secured loan and use the assets they already own to invest in a new property. Buy-to-let secured loans are effective option for those wanting to develop a portfolio of properties for rent.

Home Improvement Loans

Making cosmetic changes to your home can give you a new lease of living space without having to invest in a new property. At The Mortgage Centres, we will search through a variety of loans and help you find the funds for a bespoke loan for home improvement. So whether it be for improving home lifestyle and livelihood, or to add value to your property as it stands, investing in home improvement certainly has a positive return. If you would like us at The Mortgage Centres to find the right deal for you and ease the pressure of searching, then contact one of our team of advisers today.

Debt Consolidation Loans

If you are worried about the amount of debt that you have accumulated over the years, and your monthly payments have become unmanageable, then you are not alone. Thousands of Brits have found themselves in a struggling financial situation, where managing monthly payments and dealing with lenders has become unbearable. However, there are ways that we at The Mortgage Centres can help you, by setting up a one off manageable monthly payment with a Debt Consolidation Loan.

Our team of professionals will work with you to find the best solution for your financial circumstances, so you can make a decision with peace of mind. If you require our help, then contact us today.