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How to Spend Less on Laundry Day

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Laundry can really eat into your budget. From high energy costs caused by a high volume of laundry loads, to steep water bills and expensive boxes of washing powder – it’s not cheap keeping your clothing clean. Here at The Mortgages Centre our specialist mortgage advisers in Ipswich know a thing or two about budgeting and building up decent deposits – that’s why we’ve compiled some excellent tips to help you make laundry day cost less…

1. Make your own detergent & softener

Even supermarket own brands can be costly when you’re getting through several loads of laundry every week. Making your own versions can save you a substantial amount of money which will really add up over the course of a year. Here are some helpful recipes so you can make your own and save your pennies:

2. Do less laundry

It might sound simple and a bit silly, but doing less laundry is a great ethos to have when you’re trying to save money on washing. In the UK we have a terrible habit of “overwashing” – washing items which just don’t need a spin in the machine. This is bad for your clothes (it significantly reduces their lifespan), it’s bad for the environment, and it’s very bad for your washing budget. Make sure you only wash clothes which are stained or smelly to start saving time, money and the planet!

3. Chill out

Stop washing at high temperatures unless you’re dealing with nasty, oily stains. Cold washes are just as good at refreshing and cleaning your clothing – and they save a huge amount of money on your energy bills.

4. Hang ten

Forget about your tumble dryer altogether – these machines are huge energy wasters. Wait to do your washing on a dry, breezy day. In the winter, string up washing lines inside. Tumble dryers use up loads and loads of unnecessary energy and should only be used in clothes drying emergencies!

5. Bigger is better

Don’t put on a wash until you have a very full load. Forget half loads and save up your laundry until you can make the most economical use of your washing machine.

Do you have any cunning penny pinching tips which have helped you make laundry day cost less? Share your secrets with our readers in the comments section below.

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