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Do You Have The Right Household Insurance

a house at night

Long, dark evenings, after the clocks went back an hour, prompt a seasonal increase in burglaries and theft from motor vehicles. The police encourage householders to follow the ‘lights, locks and leave’ security process.”

Never leave homes unlit in the evenings, as this can attract burglars’ attention – use a timer so a light comes on automatically at a time of your choosing;

  • Leaving a radio on can also discourage burglars;
  • If possible, park vehicles in a well-lit and secure place, and make sure they are locked;
  • Make sure doors and windows are locked; ground floor windows are especially vulnerable to opportunists, whatever the time of the year, so try to avoid opening them;
  • Check garages, sheds, greenhouses and outbuildings are secure, as well as any equipment locked away to prevent theft or be used to break into a property;
  • Ensure external fencing is strong, covering with prickly planting can prevent someone accessing, and check gates are locked;
  • Consider installing smart technology, such as a doorbell camera, and good quality locks and alarms. Secured by Design is police accredited and contains lots of useful advice

The police also warn people to be careful of what they share on social media, and never provide information about holiday plans in advance; instead, share holiday photos on return. Always keep accounts private.

It is also recommended that people photograph valuable items and register them on which is a free to use national property register, enabling police to identify recovered items if stolen and return to their rightful owners.

“As the days get shorter, and the evenings draw in, we should all be a little more aware of our home security, and take a few extra measures to keep our homes and property safe,” advise Police Commissioners. “Many burglars are opportunistic, looking for easy pickings.”

Given these warnings, it is essential that all homeowners have appropriate insurance protection. The Mortgage Centres can advise, just give us a call. The team can also help with life insurance.





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