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Add Value to Your Property With Interior Design

White loft living room, blue sofa and wooden floor

Styling your home is very personal and doesn’t need to be expensive.

Established properties are usually still furnished during viewings, representing how the owners actually live and use the space; sometimes you can negotiate to include items in a deal. In contrast, developers design their show homes to appeal to the broadest range of potential purchasers, but they are neutral and sterile, without the personal touches which accrue over the years.

Interior Design trends change from one year to the next, with different colours and styles replacing those recommended by top designers just months before! Few people can keep up – or be bothered to, recognising that there are other priorities.

Buying a home is likely to be the most expensive transaction in most people’s lives, so securing the most appropriate mortgage for individual financial circumstances is the first priority for careful budgeting, ensuring that all buyers, and especially first-time buyers, don’t over-stretch themselves.

Furnishing and equipping a property is relatively easy in style terms. Don’t rush to complete the interior, instead keep it simple and allow yourself to be creative, focusing on individual rooms whilst retaining a ‘flow’ from one to the other, enabling the overall design to be adapted over time, with colour changes to the walls, adding artwork and mirrors, rugs or lamps.

Interior design website for a rage of idea:

Gomes and Garden

Homes and Poperty

Real Homes


It’s also fun checking out second hand and charity shops, as well as auctions, where you can find some staggering bargains at rock bottom prices; if items need repurposing, a lick of paint or some new cushions are usually sufficient. Most importantly, such pieces mix different eras, bringing unique individuality, and because of their quality manufacturing, can last for generations.

Renting household appliances, such as washing machines and dryers, has been a convenient option for some years, especially for those living in shared rental accommodation, as they save up for their first home.

However, imitating a growing trend amongst millennials in America, a leading national retailer is piloting a scheme for renting ‘designer’ furnishings, for delivery in London only at present. If successful, no doubt other retailers will jump on the bandwagon, but is this the best solution for new and aspiring homeowners? Is it value for money? It’s important to remember that mortgage providers will see these outgoings when checking bank statements and may express concern because rental isn’t the same as hire purchase which is a route to acquiring assets.

So, remember that you must prepare for finding and securing the right home. Consult our skilled advisers at our Mortgage Centres for advice on the most appropriate mortgage to suit your short and long term plans, allowing you to proceed quickly, and have sufficient funds to design the interior in your own specific style.

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