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3 Indispensable DIY Websites That Will Save You Money

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It’s not always a walk in the park saving up for a deposit for your mortgage. Our experienced team can offer advice and support when you’re hunting for mortgages in Woodbridge, but if you need to get stuck in and save a few pounds and pence, sometimes there’s nothing for it but to tighten your belt and start putting a little extra away.

Home maintenance is no small expense. Whether your boiler’s on the blink or your kitchen sink’s sprung a leak, getting those essentials fixed is the last thing you need when you’re saving up. Fortunately, there is another way. If you’re feeling DIY confident and have the right kit to hand, there are lots of household jobs you can do yourself for free, without a costly bill from your local electrician. The best place to start? The web.

The internet is a brilliant resource for when you’re in a DIY pickle, with expert guidance, how tos and more general advice for home owners. So, put off the plumber and hold off on the handyman, there are lots of home maintenance tasks you can do yourself with some know how from these 3 great sites…


Do it yourself is positively bulging with tips and how to on almost any project you might need to undertake at home. They have sections on literally everything from changing refrigerator door gaskets to installing rain catchers and seamlessly repairing your guttering. Ideal if you want authoritative guides for even the most obscure of household problems.

2. Natural Handyman

The Natural Handyman’s website is a little rough and ready around the edges but the advice and guides are solid. The work of Jerry Alonzy (a handyman with 35+ years of experience under his toolbelt), this website is great for when you need authoritative advice on tasks including sealing your own driveway, getting rid of pesky mice and dealing with mildew on your roof.

3. Ask the Builder

More tips from a veteran handyman, this time from experienced builder Tim. If you prefer using videos to get to grips with your next DIY task, Tim’s site is essential, full of videos, again on almost every aspect of DIY. There’s even an “Ask Tim” section where you can put your unique quandary to the man himself. Cheers, Tim!

Do you have a favorite, go-to DIY site? Let us know below and we’ll add your resources to our list!

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