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Author: Carl Shave-Director
Updated on January 31st, 2024

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Equity Release Mortgage Calculator

Check your eligibility in minutes by completing our free Equity Release calculator, with no personal details required!


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How does our Equity Release calculator work?

Our Equity Release calculator works by giving you an understanding of how much you could borrow with a lifetime mortgage. You will be asked about your home’s value, the outstanding mortgage amount, and the age of the youngest homeowner. This gives the calculator an idea of your situation, ensuring you get the most accurate estimate.

Remember that these figures are just an indication of what you could borrow. If you want a more accurate idea of your situation, get in touch. We will pair you with an expert adviser at our trusted business partners.

What are the different types of Equity Release?

There are two types of Equity Release; the first is a lifetime mortgage and the second is a home reversion plan. Lifetime mortgages involve you taking out a mortgage that is secured against your home. This is usually around 35% of the property’s value. options are available too. Typically, when the homeowner dies or moves into care, the loan is settled through the sale of the house.

A home reversion plan is slightly different. It involves selling a part of your home to a loan provider in return for a tax-free lump sum or smaller payments. Similar to a lifetime mortgage you are able to live in the property until you pass or move into care, and the sale of the property is used to settle the loan. Your percentage of the home will remain the same  even if the property value fluctuates over time.

To find out more about your equity release options, take a look at our Equity Release guide.

Using The Mortgage Centres for your Equity Release plan

At The Mortgage Centres we have a dedicated team of brokers who are ready to guide you on your Equity Release journey. All you need to do is get in touch and we will pair you with a member of our team. They will assess your individual situation and ensure that you are met with the right product to suit your needs.

To organise a free no-obligation consultation, get in touch today.

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