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Danny & Sally Claridge, Woodford Green, Essex

Premier Equity Release, and Tracey in particular, were recommended to me by a friend who has been a long-standing client of hers. I’d like to say straight off the bat how delighted I am with the service received. Tracey has been great – she tells it how it is and doesn’t sugarcoat it, which means you know exactly where you stand right from the off.

My financial situation had become fairly complex… I’d found myself without an income, but I was sitting on a big house with a paid off mortgage, so Equity Release was a potential solution. I didn’t know much about it and was worried that there’d be lots of fees to pay and complications from a tax point of view. I was also concerned about taking too much value out of my home and was keen to work out a budget that would be viable going forward.

I’d spoken to a few other financial advisers, but they didn’t seem to understand my situation. I knew nothing about finance and was looking for somebody to explain things to me clearly, so I could make an informed decision. The lack of understanding from the banks made me totally frustrated and I was starting to wonder whether Equity Release was the right option, and then Tracey came along…
Tracey was a breath of fresh air and a real powerhouse. It wasn’t just about selling us an Equity Release plan, it felt like she wanted to help sort my life out! She devised a plan that would cut down our monthly outgoings, so we wouldn’t need to release as much equity as we first thought. That was definitely above and beyond the call of duty!

The actual Equity Release process was a little more complicated than I thought to be honest, but Tracey was very good at pointing out the pitfalls and explaining what not to do as well as what we should do. We definitely feel like we’ve received a personal service and Tracey has become a friend as much as an adviser – the level of thought and commitment to her clients is unbelievable.

“You’ve only got to meet Tracey for half an hour and she gets you as a person and understands what’s best for you – the Premier service is bespoke in the truest sense.”
Danny & Sally Claridge

Mr & Mrs Baxter, Northamptonshire

We had already approached a well known Equity Release provider before we found Premier and I have to say, we really weren’t very happy with their response. We had more or less already decided that Equity Release was the solution for our particular circumstances, but were also considering other forms of finance. What was really needed was simple, straightforward advice to give us confidence that we were making the right decision with Equity Release.

Basically, we needed a medium-term loan to help our son who required some temporary financial assistance. He has a substantial pension fund, but is unable to access it for a few years, and with an immediate need for cash-flow, it made sense for us to assist him by releasing some equity from our home until he’s able to pay us back.

We were extremely impressed with Tracey. She made it very clear that if Equity Release wasn’t right for us, she would tell us, which was a refreshing approach. Having thoroughly assessed our situation and needs, we felt we could proceed with absolute confidence.

The only minor complaint we had was that the first solicitor Tracey put us in touch with actually turned out to be somewhat inefficient, but when I called Tracey to raise this issue, she’d already noticed the poor response and had referred our case to someone else, who was far more proactive.

“Overall, our experience with Premier Equity Release has been first class, and we can confidently recommend them to anyone needing sound unbiased advice on Equity Release lending.”
Mr & Mrs Baxter

Mr & Mrs Speller

We first met Tracey via a recommendation and referral from Barclays Bank. We didn’t know a lot about Equity Release, so weren’t really sure what we were looking for or what would be the best solution to our financial situation.

Having explained our circumstances and financial requirements to Tracey, she was able to talk us through the entire process, discussing the potential drawbacks and really getting into the details, so we could be sure that Equity Release was right for us.

The main thing we wanted to understand, and it’s quite an important one, is how does it work? Of course, we’d heard of Equity Release and knew roughly what it is, but we wanted to get rid of some debts and needed to know if this would be the best way to go about that.

Tracey took us through everything step by step. We were a little confused by the application form, so Tracey visited us at home to help us complete it.

“Premier Equity Release helped us a great deal throughout the process and we were very happy with the friendly, professional service we received. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Premier to other people in our situation.”
Mr & Mrs Speller

Mrs Henbery

When I first met Tracey I was in a bit of a quandary about Equity Release and whether it really was the right option. To be honest, Equity Release probably wouldn’t have been my first choice, but the way Tracey explained everything and looked into all the other options, like selling my house and downsizing, it turned out to be the best option for us.

We needed the equity for a particular purpose, but having discussed our circumstances and future plans with Tracey, we decided to unlock enough equity to do a few things around the house too. There were some repairs and general maintenance we’d been putting off, but Equity Release enabled us to get these jobs done, which was a real bonus.

Tracey has been brilliant. She went through everything with us in detail and made us fully aware of the process, what would be involved and what we’d need to do at every stage.

“It was very reassuring to know that Premier Equity Release were there with us every step of the way?
– I’d definitely recommend them.”
Mrs Henbery

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