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6 Cheap Meals To Help You Budget
Author: Carl Shave - Director
Updated on January 10th, 2018

When you’re looking to budget more effectively on the advice of our mortgage advisers in Ipswich or for something entirely different, it can be difficult to cut out your luxuries when it comes to your food budget. But there is no reason to eat badly at all, with these cheap meals to help you with your

Pasta Bake


Pasta Bake is a typically cheap dish and only requires a few ingredients, depending on how creative you are feeling. A good pasta bake can go a long way and be as filling as more expensive options, particularly if you have simple tastes.

Jacket Potatoes


Much like a Pasta Bake, a jacket potato is a quick filling option, that need only be as adventurous as you like. Whether you like the skin crispy or a little bit softer, a jacket potato can be a real treat.



Whether you choose a Chilli, or maybe even a Spaghetti Bolognese, you can rapidly enhance the dish by adding in as many vegetables as you like, which not only makes it so much more delicious, but makes it go a long way too. For an even cheaper option why not make yourself a vegetarian dish?

Homemade Pizzas


Take the opportunity to use whatever toppings and bread you have available. It needn’t be expensive, why not make a simple cheese and tomato pizza? It’s certainly a lot cheaper than visiting a costly Italian restaurant.



The best thing about a stew is that you can use the cheaper cuts of meat, saving you a considerable amount of money at the butchers. Pile your stew up with vegetables and it will be as appealing as prime cut of beef.

Homemade Soup


Try and make yourself a homemade soup. Vegetables and stock are all you really need, and you can’t really make a wrong combination, so go all out and be adventurous.

Cooking yourself needn’t be expensive, you can make a really enjoyable meal from cheaper ingredients, allowing a greater budget for extravagances as a nice treat.

Do you have a money saving home cooking tip? What’s your favourite home cooked meal? Let us know in the comments below.

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