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5 Ways to Transform Your Tired Out Tea Towels
Author: Carl Shave - Director
Updated on March 12th, 2018

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Make do and mend is a great ethos to have when you’re saving for your home and our mortgage brokers in Bury St Edmunds are always looking for new ways to help clients to make the most of what they have. All of this smart saving brings us neatly on to today’s brilliant project: turning your tired out tea towels into something fresh and fabulous!

Whether you’ve found some fabulous floral tea towels for a snip in a local charity shop or want to breathe some life into tired out tea towels, stand by for 6 tremendous tea towel DIY ideas…

1. Scented pillows

1. pillow

If your tea towels have survived their years of service in your kitchen without accuring any stains and are simply looking a little faded, give them a good wash and turn them into pretty scented pillows! Their faded look will give them vintage, shabby chic charm, perfect for brightening up and perfuming any part of the home. Find the full tutorial here. (LINK:

2. Kids’ Aprons

2. Apron

Keep your young, messy chefs clean in the kitchen by turning your old tea towels into easy-to-make DIY aprons. Simply measure out your apron shape, sew the lower half upwards to create a handy pouch, add apron strings and hem! You’ll find full instructions over at Dandee Designs. (LINK:

3. Tote Bags










Old tea towels can make surprisingly cute tote bags, ready to pop to the greengrocers or the library! Best of all, if you’re handy with a sewing machine, these beauties shouldn’t take much more than 30 minutes to run up. To turn your hand to this fun little project, take a look at Helen Rawlinson’s handy tutorial.


4. Dog Toys

4. Dog toy

Are your tea towels too stained and ruined to turn into anything wearable? Don’t worry, pets love these super simple dog toys – the perfect new purpose for your used up tea towels. Real Simple show you how it’s down. (LINK:

5. Baby Bibs

5. Bib bab

Old tea towels are the ideal defence against the mess your little ones create! Washable and totally forgiving, use brand new or rubbish old tea towels to keep your youngster spick and span even in the middle of a very messy yoghurt. Here’s how to make them. (LINK:

Do you have a great craft project on the go? Perhaps you have an even better idea for transforming tea towels into something even better! Share your ideas with our readers below.

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