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5 Eggcellent Eggbox Upcycling Projects You Can Try At Home
Author: Carl Shave - Director
Updated on March 12th, 2020

As your trusted mortgage advisers in Bury St Edmunds, we like to take a serious approach to your finances and your goals. Sometimes, however, we like to have a little fun, make a little pun and save you some money – all at the same time. And that’s why today we’ll be sharing some truly eggcellent egg box up cycling projects with you!

The humble egg box might seem like it’s too weirdly shaped to do anything with but recycling, but these eggceptional egg samples from across the crafty web demonstrate that you really can make anything out of anything! Best of all, these projects cost next to nothing to make – you’d have to be cracking up not to want to have a go! (sorry)

1. Pretty Mirror

1. Mirror

Who’d have thought that egg boxes could make such beautiful home decor? Egg boxes are amazing when you want to create homemade flowery shapes as this amazing project from handimania clearly demonstrates!

2. Ribbon Organizer

2. Organiser

If you’re a crafty sort, you’ll love this neat little project from Mindful Momma. This clever crafter has used egg boxes to keep her craft ribbons, odds and sods tidy and untangled. Simply make a hole for each strand, pop your ribbons in each “eggcup”, et voila!

3. Carton Chandelier

3. Chandelier

If you’re feeling especially clever and crafty, why not upgrade your lampshade and replace it with a surprisingly stunning egg box alternative? We’re afraid we don’t have a tutorial for this egg box work of art but, if you want to try your hand, why not let us know how it goes and share your tutorial with our readers?

4. Fake Flowers

4. Flowers

If you love having flowers around your home, but hate the expense of having to replace them when they wilt, why not take a “leaf” out of this amazing tutorial’s book and make your very own, permanent posy out of incredible egg box flowers?

5. Ring Holder

5. Ring

Always losing your jewelry? This handy little egg box ring holder is simplicity itself to make and it’ll ensure you never lose a ring under your bedside table ever again!

Do you have any clever projects you can make with egg boxes? Have you worked out how to construct that amazing egg box chandelier? Share your ideas and inspiration with our readers below!

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