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4 Ways to Make Use of Old Newspapers
Author: Carl Shave - Director

We’ve all got stacks of old newspapers hidden somewhere. For some reason, we seem wholly incapable of clearing out our paper racks and decluttering the pile of newspapers that we’ve skimmed once or twice at the most. Luckily, at The Mortgage Centres, our specialist mortgage advisers know just how to put those newspapers to good use, and save you some money in the process.

Newspaper Gift Bags


Nothing says you care like a handmade gift, and that includes the gift bag that the present comes in. A gift bag made of newspaper can look really good as long as you pick your headlines carefully and take your time. DIY blog, How About Orange’s how to guide is a perfect example of a really pleasing newspaper gift bag.

Newspaper Pencils

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There is nothing worse than a pencil thief in the office, so why not use that old newspaper to decorate your pencils and make a very strong statement about who these pencils belong too. With your own decorative talents on display, there’s no need to spend loads of money on expensive pencils, something cheap from the supermarket will do.

Newspaper Feathers

leaves from paper

As The Country Chic Cottage shows in their blog, this little crafting nugget can completed with any number of old paper snippets. This blog has chosen to use sheet music and maps, but they look just as great with newspaper and make a really nice decorative piece in the house. Why not cut a few and put them in your very own newspaper vase.

Newspaper Vase

Talking of newspaper vases, if done carefully a old vase can be given a new lease of life with the addition of a few older newspapers. As always, it comes down to picking the right pages, with the right amount of colour, but done correctly, this can save you the cost of a new vase when older ones chip or break.

?Of course, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but each of the above ideas can also be completed using magazines, books or old wall paper, however colourful you are feeling, so let your imagination go wild.

Do you have any upcycling ideas for old newspapers? Share your secrets with our readers in the comments section below.

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