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4 Delicious Meals For Less Than £5.00
Author: Carl Shave - Director
Updated on September 27th, 2019

Baked pastry on display

Want to eat well for less? Whether you’re saving up for a healthy deposit for a mortgage in Ipswich or just want to see your pounds and pence go a little further at dinner time, here are 4 scrumptious, healthy recipes you can whip up for the whole family for under £5.00. Ready, steady, cook!

1. Spaghetti Puttanesca

1. Putta

The beauty of this recipe is that it take just 15 minutes to make and you can buy ingredients in bulk to keep each serving super cheap. The capers will set you back a little more but they’ll keep you going for ages. Cook the garlic in the oil from the anchovies to save even more money and enhance the richness of your sauce. Here’s a recipe from Nigella, but you can make this much more cheaply (and just as deliciously) by sticking to garlic, tinned tomatoes, olives, tinned anchovies, capers and pasta – the other ingredients are really just garnish!

2. Spinach & Feta Tart

Pour boiling water over your fresh spinach, squeeze it to remove excess water, chop it and mash it up with a packet of feta. Arrange in the middle of a sheet of pre-rolled puff pastry, bake and, hey presto – delicious, affordable, healthy food. If you have a little extra money to play with, pop halved cherry tomatoes on top before you bake or mix in corriander and chilli flakes for even more flavour. Pine nuts are great too, if you’re feeling fancy!

3. Chickpea, Mandarin & Banana Curry

3. Chick

It might sound weird, but trust us, this recipe from budget chef A Girl Called Jack is sublime, super easy and surprisingly cheap. You’ll need a tin of chickpeas, a tin of mandarin segments (you’ll find them in your supermarket, we promise!), two bananas and a tea bag. Easy as that! Of course, if you want to make an occasion of this low-budget beauty, some cucumber raita (yoghurt + chopped & drained cucumber) and chappati (flour + water)  are delicious accompaniments.

4. Lentil & Tomato Dhal with Lamb Koftas

4 Lentil

Eating meat isn’t cheap, but when you pad it out with lots of other yummy ingredients you’ll be surprised by how affordable it can be. Lentils are a super cheap staple so stock up on a big bag and enjoy some really cheap tasty meals including this beauty courtesy of Delicious magazine. Do you have an amazing low cost dinner to share? What is your sub £5 specialty? Share your culinary delights with our readers below. 

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